African-American Museum

International Afrian American Museum

The International African American Museum is dedicated to sharing the stories that celebrate the remarkable contributions made by Black Americans throughout history. This site will use the term Black instead of African Americans since this is not the official museum site and we prefer the term Black. 

Image of Old Slave Mart Museum

The museum is located at Gadsden’s Wharf where up to 47% of enslaved Africans entered the United States. These men and women were then sold at the Old Slave Mart.  tourists mistakenly believe the Charleston Market is where enslaved persons were sold.  To learn more about the Old Slave Mart and Charleston’s treatment of enslaved persons, visit http://www.oldslavemartmuseum.com.

In the museum, you can explore and find inspiration in the struggles and achievements of Black Americans, their inimitable spirit, and their unwavering commitment to justice and equality. From the painful legacy of slavery to pivotal moments in the Civil Rights Movement, this museum provides a unique experience that promotes understanding, reflection, and healing.

Come and be a part of the vibrant community, embrace the power of our stories, and unlock your own potential by immersing yourself in our exhibits.

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★★★★★ 5/5 “This was a great experience. The museum was amazing and the staff was very knowledgeable. This site was great and we really appreciate know ahead of time that you need a reservation.”
Anonymous, United Kingdom

★★★★ 4/5 “My mother’s family is from Charleston and I love that this amazing resource is in their backyard. I look forward to enjoying this valuable treasure”
Sarah Grace, United States